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Empathy: it’s value in academic study and professional life

Many people have long recognized the importance of empathy in building healthy relationships. In recent years, educational research has also highlighted the importance of developing empathy in students to support their academic growth and achievement as well as to equip them for success in their professional lives. Teachers find that empathy deepens and enriches a … Continue reading

Taking risks, learning from mistakes, iterations & pivots

Entrepreneurial mindset (part 3) There’s a significant and deeply-rooted shift occurring in business, industry, and education. It’s a movement that many people see as very positive and hopeful because it’s based on creating design solutions that are more thoughtfully centered on genuine empathy for the customer’s (or user’s) perspectives and needs. This methodology is called … Continue reading

Standing up for diversity

Events in Charlottesville have helped bring to the forefront the determined resolve of Americans to support and advance diversity and inclusion–in states, cities, corporations, military branches, nonprofits, universities, schools, and other organizations. The racism and bigotry of the Klu Klux Klan, white supremacists, and neo-nazis are strains that run counter to the strong spirit of … Continue reading